Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This Republican Will Not Be Voting for Trump

When I turned 18, I registered as a Democrat.
It was the only way I could vote in the primaries at the time, being from a small town that usually had one Republican candidate and multiple Democratic candidates.

Fast forward to the primaries this year.
At some point, I discovered, I registered myself as a Republican.
I am a female comedian living in Los Angeles and I am a Republican.
This is probably the funniest joke you've ever heard me tell.

But I will not be voting for the Republican candidate this year.
I will not be voting for this particular Republican candidate any year that he runs ever until eternity ends and the sun gets swallowed up by a black hole or alien space ship. Never ever.

I will not be voting for him, because... a woman, he does not represent me. His propensity to see women as not ONLY objects, but specifically sex objects is no person I ever want speaking on my behalf. He will not speak for my mom or my aunts. My best friends. My niece. My daughters (should they ever arrive on this earth). Please do not talk to me about how Hillary Clinton is the anti-christ if you are not willing to discuss how there is absolute zero-None-ZILCH excuse for any person to speak about women the way Donald Trump has. Please do not talk to me about how he tells the truth other politicians are afraid to mention when you will not discuss how his truth includes the fact that women clearly do not deserve respect, boundaries or to be entitled to their own personhood.

(Read this series of tweets from a fellow Republican woman addressing sexism in this party.) a Hispanic person, he does not represent me. His brand of hate talk has not only been embarrassing to his own reputation, but he has encouraged others to either be outspoken in their ugly beliefs or develop new ones. That is the example he has set. 2 years ago, 55 million people in the US were Latino. That is 17% of the population. My brothers and I are neither drug dealers nor rapists. For that matter, none of my Hispanic family members are. They are business owners. They are parents. They are dancers and teachers and medical professionals. They are guilty of maybe having too much sugar in their diets (and still having perfect metabolisms, which is ANNOYING ON A GENETIC LEVEL). They are not criminals. a child of immigrants, he does not represent me. Denying people entrance to this country based purely on their religious or cultural background is not a thing I will ever support. And so I will never support a candidate who considers this one of his top priorities. a person of faith, he does not represent me. The Republican candidate is not God's candidate. The Republican party is not God's party. I am sorry for the damage this belief has caused to human beings I love very much. Trump represents almost none of the things I value as a person of faith. Things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. In fact, he embodies zero of those things. I am sad for the coming years of conversations I will have to have where people will associate Trump and Christianity and I will not be able to divorce that picture in their minds because when a man stood on a stage and said terrible things, my fellow Christians shouted "this is the liberal media's agenda!" any time someone questioned his ugly comments. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry.

(Hurray for the pastors and religious leaders who are calling some folks on the carpet. You can read about it here.)

My decision not to vote for Trump didn't start with the release of decades old interviews.
I didn't need yet another testament of his poor leadership qualities to end my support.
And you probably do not need one more person shouting their beliefs into the void.
But to stay quiet is to be complicit.

I am sad that we arrived here as a party, but more so, as a culture.
I am sad that this was the best Republicans could do in finding a candidate to be proud of.

In November, fellow Republicans, your worst fear will (hopefully) be realized- the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton* will be elected via a democratic process (which, WHAT a good life you're living if THAT is your worst fear, am I right? If you disagree, just google "Aleppo".) And when that happens, the world will not end. And if you don't like that outcome, do better next time. Be a better candidate yourself. Don't wait for an election to start loving people and demanding the best for them. At the end of the day, no party will do that. You will have to do that. And today I will do that by promising the people I love that I will not vote for a man who has expressed zero evidence of desire to serve them well.

*I am not addressing Hillary Clinton in this blog because Hillary Clinton is not the Republican nominee. I was unable to vote for or against her in a closed primary. We can talk about whether or not Hillary Clinton is a good person or a dragon in human skin another day, okay?

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L. Lowery said...

He is clearly disrespectful to people like you. I support you standing up for yourself!!