Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Things I Didn't Know

I am the very worst runner. 
Like, THE worst.
I run very slow. I'm noisy.
I feel like I breathe super loud?
Maybe not. Maybe it just sounds like that in my head.

Here's the interesting thing- I don't hate to run and everything in my brain for the past 29 years made me think I did. How would I know? I'd only ever run on a treadmill and if people are honest, NO ONE likes running on a treadmill. I like to run in the middle of the day when it's hot and no one is home. My neighborhood is a ghost town. I can sing (if my lungs can handle it) and there aren't any people walking dogs to avoid.

Why all this?
It's amazing what you don't know you don't know.
I mean, a logical person can imagine that probably there are things they are unaware of.
I don't know your social security number!
(Unless you're my mom or dad, then I definitely do know it.)
But this year, in the seven weeks of 2015 I've lived thus far, my mind is being continually blown by things I didn't know.

-I like to run.
-I have a one track mind. I can multitask like a boss, but if I'm being honest, I can't fully focus if I have something unresolved hanging over my head. It feels like a bag of bricks. If I'm multitasking, that bag of bricks is somewhere close.
-I don't like salmon. I just don't. No matter how you make it, I will hate it. It tastes like aquarium.
-I need like 34i30987 hours of sleep every night. Non-negotiable.
-When you see a sign for the carpool lane, that is where the solid lines change to dashed lines and you can cross in or out of the lane without being scared of getting caught by la policia.
-Maybe football isn't the worst.

The cool thing about having a heartbeat is that there's always a chance to have your entire life changed. It's not too late if you have a pulse and if your lungs are filling up. That's a cool part about being alive and on the days that feel the most monotonous, it is exciting to remember that literally every second has the potential to change all your plans, ideas, everything.

I imagine it's the scary part as well.

But for the purpose of this corner of the internet, let's imagine that it's exciting.

Today, right now, you're about to discover something about you and your world that is going to change everything. You might find out you're the very worst runner, but you'll also discover that you are, in fact, a runner. And that's weird and cool mostly because it is one more thing that can come off the list of things you never thought you'd do or be. You're a runner now.
Maybe that's too much "we talk". It's unfair to assume you're a runner.
But I am for sure a runner.
The worst runner, but a runner nonetheless.


Allison Drew said...

This is a good one!

Alison Williams said...

MeLissa, I loved all of it!! All of it I say!! But, my favorite line that stuck out to me was- "it is exciting to remember that literally every second has the potential to change all your plans, ideas, everything." So powerful and so true. :)