Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spontaneous, Extravagant Love

I really like Bob Goff.
If you don't know who he is, take a second to read THIS.
The thing that resonates with me about Bob (aside from the amazing things he's done as a humanitarian all over the globe)
is how he develops relationships. He tells a story of the time he and his young children mailed a copy of his key to international diplomats after the kids thought a slumber party might be a better way to sort out the tough issues of the world. I want to hand out my house key. Bob also put his phone number in his book. You can call Bob. Bob will answer the phone. I'm the worst at answering my phone.

This week I read a blog written by Bob on the Storyline Blog and it's quite possible that it has ruined my life permanently.
Let's hope. 
It's no Sermon on the Mount, it wasn't even directly written to me,
but he talked about letting our love be the thing that gets on everything-
our words, our actions, our interactions. We're not talking regular, everyday love.

We're talking spontaneous, extravagant love.

To be the kind of people who mail out our house keys.
To be the kind of people who others can call when they're having an emergency at 1 in the morning.
To be the kind of people who don't sit back and wait but pursue relationships without fear or risk.
I want to be that kind of person.

Love- an under-appreciated renewable resource. No need to hoard it.
But we do because of what people will think.
We do because what would happen if our schedules were inconvenienced?
To be that vulnerable, to think of others outside the context of ourselves, it's scary.
But what if that was the lasting mark of our lives?
If we were known for and therefore encouraged others to lead lives that weren't afraid of getting left behind as a result of loving other people beyond what they ever expected? I could get on board with that.

I've been thinking about that idea ever since. I've done a couple of little things in response.
Today Bob tweeted "When the doors are blocked, we lower our friends through roofs. It's Thursday, we can quit waiting. "

"It's Thursday, we can quit waiting."
So here is your fair warning.
It's time for spontaneous, extravagant love courtesy of me.
Don't be weirded out (or do) when I make you drink coffee with me or when I ask if I can take you to the airport or when I write you letters or make you go on a surprise road trip.
Reading back over that brief list, they don't all seem very extravagant.
I'll do some brainstorming.
Anyway, it's happening.

I love you very much and mostly I'm just sorry I didn't bombard you with that fact sooner.

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gschof said...

i love this so much. and i love you so much. and i love bob goff so much. so this is a win-win-win blog in every way!

and wonderful to read this morning for the perfect attitude changer for me :o)