Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

Since moving to Lala Land coincided with my getting an Instagram, I've started taking a lot more pictures. Now, I wish I could say my transition to the left coast was a smooth and beautiful one, filled with grace and peace. This is not the case, because I am a crazy person.

I have, however, been exceedingly fortunate to make some really great memories amidst the weeping and gnashing of teeth (mostly over parking in my neighborhood). Here they are.

May I present to you, my favorite Hollywood memories thus far:

First, I went to the Argo movie premiere. I sat a few feet from Ben Affleck as he shared about his new movie and the story behind it. His hands shook a little while he held the mic. Maybe it was because he was sickly that night? I'd like to think it was because he was nervous. I decided I wanted to be Ben Affleck when I grew up, nervous and excited to show my friends something I made until the day I die.

Elementary school was a highlight of my life, believe it or not. The people in this picture are two of my favorites from that time. Giorgio Rapicavoli and Nicole Andreu, I'm super glad I still know you and when we dig up our time capsule in 3 years, I hope Giorgio will still be serving Cap'n Crunch pancakes at his restaurant in Miami. (Eating House- check it out, foodies.)

Erin and I had our first LA showing of How to Like Yourself at the LA Film Studies Center thanks to the very wonderful Rebecca Ver Straten-McSparran. Afterwards, two pooped girls were accompanied by two wonderful men (DJ Cabeen and John Rocca) to The Cat & Fiddle in Hollywood. Go there at night. It's beautiful.

Then it was my birthday so we went to a restaurant recommended by two chefs.
Son of a Gun has the best apple cider. And everything else on the menu. I dream about this place.

My final birthday gift was watching Dawn of the Dead in the Hollywood Forever cemetery. 
Movies about dead people surrounded by dead people? That's thinkin', people. 

Then Erin and I made it into the LA Comedy Fest. We were excited, to say the least.

Being far away from people you love means you have to get creative about keeping in touch. 
One of my favorite things is when Erin makes us all take pictures for a 555 photo collage.
This was a particularly excellent one.

(this picture of Jeremy, Derek and I might be my favorite in history)

Halloween is my favorite holiday and this was a good one!
There were lots of Avengers, large reptiles, and cartoon characters. 
I was almost an elephant.

One time Beau Wirick and I matched our clothes unintentionally.
Here is my favorite picture from the Christmas card shoot that ensued.

Erin and I go to a LOT of shows at UCB Theater. They're geniuses there. This picture is from a show called "Shitty Jobs" and it is my favorite by far. This evening, Erin got on stage and talked about her job as a valet. Then everyone in the audience peed their pants from laughing. Oh yeah, and Jean Ralphio is there. To say we don't have tickets to every Shitty Jobs show in December would be a lie.

Erin and I performed at the LA Comedy Fest! Thank you to all our precious friends for coming to see us. We love you a lot.
Then we won a donkey trophy for being the best Solo/Duo Live Comedy Group. That was all I ever wanted in life.

Arley came to visit us for two hours before driving a friend back across the country to Nashville. We wasted no time in taking her to our favorite Mexican restaurant (3 Dog Cantina) and taking more pictures than any of you care to look through. 
Here is only one of them. You're welcome.

We found a really excellent church in our neighborhood with a phenomenal staff and some crazy-talented members. 
Young, old, artsy, non-artsy, everyone. If you're ever in LA, come with me to Mosaic.

This was such a sweet Thanksgiving in California! And to think, I almost missed it because I just wanted to stay in my apartment, cry, and watch Love Actually. Enjoy these mock-family photos of me and my adopted parents.

The other night, I watched Claymation movies and Charlie Brown Christmas while making snowflakes with Lee Ellen Starks and Sheri Lake. Their house is a magical wonderland at the moment. Safe to say, we made about 400 snowflakes. Maybe less. Above are some of my favorites from our workshop.

So, fall in love. Take pictures. Be thankful. It's good for you.

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