Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

It's Tuesday.
Go ahead and hit play.

First of all, remember how good this song is? Yeah. It's real good.
Dear New Radicals, I am actually glad you didn't write anymore hits because I'd hate for anything to top this one. Seriously. Thanks for letting this song be the metaphorical Rafiki to my Simba- providing the old coconut stick to the noggin reminder. I honestly don't remember what was going on in Lion King at that point in the movie, but I think it was about having the option to run away, back to the safety afforded me by an affable meerkat-warthog duo, when I should be home saving the serengeti.

(On a side note- everything in my life right now comes back to Jonathan Taylor Thomas right now.)
((Thank the good Lord))

Back to my metaphor- New Radicals, thanks for making the Lion King relevant to my life.


In case you've forgotten all the plans you had,
In case you've forgotten what you were doing 5 minutes ago,
In the event you remember those plans but they all seem highly ridiculous,

But when the night is falling,
And you cannot find the light,
If you feel your dream is dying,
Hold tight.

Should you be further from than closer to the end,
In case everyone looks like they're getting miles ahead of you,
Should your nickels and dimes not be adding up to what you thought,

This whole damn world can fall apart
You'll be okay, follow your heart
You're in harm's way
I'm right behind
Now say you're mine

Know that you have the option to stop right now.
You can go back to life as you knew it.
You can always go home.

Fly high
What's real can't die

But if, like me, you know you'd immediately combust and die the minute you got home, not because you don't love it, but because staying would be a step closer to the end of your life than beginning it, you suck it up and you take the punches. You cry and write horribly long emails to the people you love about how you're ruining your own life. Then after that, against your better judgement, you just continue to wage the greatest war you've ever known (no disrespect to the honorable men and women who actually experienced war and would roll over in their unmarked graves in the trenches of Europe if they knew I was referring to my life as a "war") and see what happens.

Maybe all your dreams come true.
Maybe new dreams you never imagined come true.
Maybe you die under a bridge.
Honestly, that could happen either way.

To be able to fight for what you want, that's a privilege denied to many. Especially those in China.
So, if you get the chance to suffer for your art or for your family or for anything that will help you not regret the time you had on this green Earth, let me recommend that you do it.
It could all go horribly.
But, the alternative is that it doesn't? Yeah.
Plus, we all know Simba wins.

You've got the music in you
Don't let go
You've got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don't give up
You've got a reason to live
Can't forget
You only get what you give
-"You Get What You Give", the New Radicals

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