Friday, September 28, 2012

Things I Love: Tumblrs of Girls You Should Know

Right now I don't have a job, other than the one I gave myself.
Currently, I'm the CEO of MeLissa Gavarrette Industries.
I'm very pleased with my employee's performance.
Back on track.

So I get to spend a lot of time on the internet.
You might not be afforded that same luxury, but you're in luck.
MeLissa Gavarrette Industries is providing you the invaluable resource of helping you include the middle man and telling you about some awesome things to spend inordinate amounts of time with when you should be doing other things. Like cleaning your house. Or spending quality time with your loved ones.

Things I Love on the Internet: Tumblrs of Girls You Should Know

The other day I saw a tweet from BJ Novak (honestly, I'm a little afraid of him. Why? Moreso because of The Office than Inglorious Bastards.) In this tweet, he mentioned a certain @sofifii. That would be Sophia Rossi, 1/3 of the brilliance that is HelloGiggles. But I didn't know that yet. So I clicked on her name. Then, I knew that.
And three days later I have read a lot of stuff by a lot of girls I think you should know, including:

  1. Sofia's Tumblr. Really. Go. I feel like I know a lot more relevant things including how to be a better girl and how to make a job out of doing fun things with my friends.
  2. Another 1/3 of HelloGiggles, Molly McAleer. She also writes for "2 Broke Girls" and takes pictures of her dog that make me feel like I've really been holding back when it comes to pictures of Roman and Ripley.
  3. If you want to know how to better invest your money in things you will actually love, Mindy Kahling's tumblr is your best friend. Let her help you be cute.
  4. If you still don't know how to be cute after ALL THAT, Zooey Deschanel's tumblr. Try. Just TRY and not be cute after that. (Don't try. Why would you try that?)
Are there more tumblrs belonging to more girls you should know? For sure.
This is my company and I'll decide how to run it.
If you just blow through these blogs, then visit HelloGiggles and read tons of articles and nuggets of wisdom by lots of other lady writers, including baby blogger Maude Apatow (who's dad brought us the likes of "40 Year Old Virgin" and who's mom brought us the glorious Ursula of "George of the Jungle". You decide which is the bigger achievement.)(Ursula.)

I'll bring you more internet gems later, but not right now because I have to go buy Keihl's face wash, red lipstick and a cute dress with polka dots. You'll understand after you visit a few pages of the aforementioned tumblrs. 

You're welcome.

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