Thursday, September 27, 2012

So Much TV: Breaking Bad

I've been watching a lot of TV.
"How much TV, MeLissa?"
I've started/finished/caught up on 17 series in the past month.
I mean, I've done other stuff... I think...

So, good for you. Now I want to talk about them.
Here are some thoughts.

Breaking Bad, yo

Breaking Bad. Yes, I know. 2008 called and said, "idiot." I'm aware. I love everything about this show except Skyler. I love Jesse and his wardrobe renewal in season 3. I love Walt Jr and how he yells obscenities in his sweet, little, you know, voice. I even love the bald, quiet man who keeps showing up to save Walt. I love him too. Not a fan of Saul, the lawyer. I do love the drug dealer who got shot. RIP Combo.

But serious, I don't like Skyler. My friend Arley made a good point when she said that, if Skyler was a friend of mine, I would kill almost everyone in her family for all the dumb stuff they do. Husband who is a drug dealer? Who disappears for large amounts of time? Who is constantly lying? Point made. It's  valid but in Breaking Bad world, she's the ABSOLUTE worst. (Disclaimer: I am only part way through season 3. If Skyler starts curing cancer in season 4, I am unaware and will be prepared to retract my claim.)

Here is one piece of advice I want to share with you: DO NOT (and I repeat) DO NOT WATCH BREAKING BAD BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP. If you do, be prepared to have very vivid dreams of killing people, stealing cars to run off the road at high speeds and all varieties of other illegal and dangerous activities. Even worse, is you will wake up not realizing it was only a dream. You'll start thinking of ways to mourn the homies you lost the night before while getting a fake passport. YOU GOTTA FLEE THE COUNTRY NOW. YOU'RE A CRIMINAL. You've been warned.

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