Saturday, September 29, 2012

So Much TV: Being Human

Once upon a time, I, like many other girls at the time, fell in love with Mimi-siku of Jungle to Jungle.
Yes. Jungle dreamboat.

But as soon as he entered our little hearts, he was gone again.
I guess after the massive Hollywood success that was Jungle to Jungle, you (Sam Huntington) really need to step back, re-evaluate and figure out what your priorities are.

(I take that back. After checking Wikipedia, it appears that Sam Huntington stayed busy with various film and TV roles. Just none I ever saw. Genuinely sorry, Sam.)

Then, out came Little Miss Sunshine and, if you are as dumb as I am, you saw the silent older brother and thought, "MIMI-SIKU IS BACK!!!".

Then I learned to use the internet and realized that wasn't my long-lost love, but in fact another actor named Paul Dano.

But this really is Sam Huntington. And he really is on TV!

I just watched the first two seasons of Being Human, the American version of a BBC show that now airs on Syfy. If you, like me, grew up with brothers and a dad, you are well acquainted with Syfy and you know how much of their programming has been long dominated by the Stargate, Battlestar Galactica and movies about large amounts of scary animals terrorizing towns (especially alligators, sharks and snakes).

But Being Human is about a werewolf, vampire and ghost all trying to live like normal humans in Boston while fighting the urge to kill innocent bystanders or burn down houses with poltergeist activity.  Sam Huntington plays a werewolf, but I think they got a real vampire to play the vampire part.

Sure. Sam Witwer isn't a vampire. Just like David Boreanaz isn't a vampire named Angel playing an actor David Boreanaz who happened to play a character named Angel. If you can believe that, I have some quality swampland to sell you in Florida.

Anyway- super riveting show? I don't know about that. The characters are darling (if you don't mind not knowing why the vampires can walk around in the sunlight without burning up or twinkling) and the premise certainly is clever. What if multiple classic nightmares all lived under one roof? They might work at a hospital. They might have to figure out how to maintain the little bit of humanity they have left by having family dinner and Neighborhood Watch meetings in their living room. They might also get visited by Jacob from Lost (who is also a vampire boss named Bishop). 

So if you have time and you miss your favorite jungle boy and you want to laugh and maybe be a little sentimental and not think too hard about how a werewolf could 1) find woods in Boston and 2) not kill so many people every full moon whilst running free in them, then you, like me, will like Being Human.

(PS- Yay Sally the Ghost, for dying in such a comfortable yet decent pajama ensemble. If I died in my pajamas, I'd be a ghost wearing polka dot shorts, a too-big tanktop with teeny hearts in colors that do not match my shorts and a sloppy top knot. And maybe just one sock on my left foot. Again, I don't know why. My right foot just has a mind of it's own. All that to say, no one would want to be haunted by me, even the people who loved me.)

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