Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life According to Instagram

These are some of my favorites from the past month in Lala-land, and the stories behind them.

L to R:
1 LAX airport, flying back to Nashville
2 The end of our street, "Hollywood is dope". I tend to agree.
3 The 101 Coffee Shop on Franklin Avenue. Good breakfast. Cute families.
4 The Hollywood sign from the neighborhood it was made to promote.
5 You've probably never heard of it, but Los Angeles has secret stairs hidden all over the city. We explored the first set in the original Hollywoodland neighborhood and it felt like our own Goonies style adventure minus the Fratellis and a giant squid.
6 We had our 4th Annual Labor Day Movie Trilogy Marathon with a darling group of human beings. We made pancakes to order and watched Avengers movies until we needed insulin and a nap.
7 To Live and Die in LA. Not much more to say.
8 "Love Never Fails". There are these stenciled images all over the place. I'm sure the city of Los Angeles doesn't appreciate them, but I love them and I have to stop every 30 seconds to take pictures of the ones I find. It's like an Easter egg hunt for street art.
9 The Santa Monica pier. We've gone almost every Sunday night, unintentionally. I think Santa Monica just calls us in our hearts. I never get tired of the beach or the sunset or walking forever in the sand.
10 Solar de Cahuenga. It's a coffee shop at the end of our block with fun baristas and excellent crepes. There's a room with no tables, just pillows against the wall. You can spread out all over the floor and do work like you would at home. That sounds mildly creepy now that I'm typing it... trust me, it's not.
11 The pier. So many of the pier.
12 For as long as I live within proximity to a beach, you can expect pictures like this. Sorry/not sorry.


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