Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week 3

This picture I took was very illegal mostly because you're not supposed to use your phone at all when you're driving.
I promise I won't do it again.

Week 3 in Los Angeles.

Things I took for granted about home:
1. Air conditioning. 
2. Being able to go to your friend's house and just leave your car parked in front for hours while you hang out.
3. Shirts with backs. 1 in 4 women here are wearing shirts with the backs shredded. I don't know how this trend got started but it's currently only happening here. Maybe? Hopefully.

Neither do I want you to think that I spend most of my days crying and sleeping under freeways. 
So far I've had the best fruit & nutella crepe in the entire world.
I've stood in Adam Sandler's footprints.
I saw Pauly Shore in Target. I still believe in you, Pauly.
I went to the 301 sketch writing class graduation show at UCB theater just down the street.
Erin and I had dinner with the director of the LA Film Studies school and she reminded us that there are plenty of adventures to be had here.
I've been to the beach twice.
Church started with dancers & African drums.
It ended with an impromptu photo shoot on a random bench.

You know what was even more fun/weird?
A year ago, I sent myself a letter from
I wrote it, they held onto it and, a year later, placed it oh so kindly in my inbox.
Me of the past had some good words for me of the present.

She said,

Okay, so now you only have further confirmation of the fact that I watch Pirates of the Caribbean a lot.
And I let my dogs sleep in my bed with me. Fine. FINE.
Move past those things.
"It could all be very different" indeed.
Me of the past was pretty intuitive.
A year later I live off Hollywood Blvd and I'm sitting at the corner of Hollywood & Highland writing to you wishing it was tomorrow already so I could finally be seeing "Paranorman".
Very different from last year in a very good way.

So you want to know how California is? It's freaking awesome.
And it'll continue to get more awesome.
I'll make sure you hear about all the ways it gets more awesome.
I still have it good, and I'm not done.

(Also- it's important for you to know that one time Roman got lost overnight. It was one of the saddest nights of my life.
One puppy in the bed is sad when there are normally two. I'm not just some animal hoarder.)


Arley-Warley said...

i love you the most.

NiTasha said...

this made me teary. and i'm ever so proud of you. and sad we didn't get more time to be friends. nonetheless, i'll be reading your blogs and praying and cheering you on. :) love you!

lydia. said...

i am so proud of you! :)