Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 2

Looks great, right?
I think so too.
I've lived at this hotel for almost two weeks now, and in California for the exact same amount of time.
From my experience, it's not week 1 that you miss everyone.
It is the dreaded week 2.

Week 2 is when you have been somewhere longer than a standard vacation.
Suddenly, your brain says, "wait, are we not going home?"
Insert: panic mode.
What the heck did I do?
What the heck am I doing here?
I don't have a job!
I miss my family and friends and coworkers!
That being the case, this week has been less than glamorous.

Then I got this email from my friend Christina this morning.
If you don't know Christina Underwood, I'm sorry for you.
She said:

Oh homesickness...I knew you well!  I very much remember that feeling of "what have I done?!" and just wanting to shrivel up with missing familiar things and people.  It's don't yet know what you love about LA because you haven't been there that long.  But I promise LA is awesome, and even more than Nashville because it's where you are called to be.  Don't be tempted to worship the things you left...that's how the enemy gets us to abandon our cause.  I can't tell you how many times I have been popping aspirin from a headache in this office thinking "what I wouldn't give for a pair of coveralls, a forklift, and my crowbar".  Everything looks better once we're not around it all day.  Trust me, I have moved enough places and given up enough jobs to know, nothing is as perfect as it seems from a distance. 

You have a new boyfriend, and his name is Hollywood.  Get to know him.  Get past that awkward stage where you're not familiar with his apartment, and it kind of smells funny at first, not bad, just not what you're used to.  Go through his kitchen drawers and pick through his cutlery.  Get to know which towels his mom bought for him, and which he got cheap at Kmart because he's a boy and they don't care how soft things are.  I realize the metaphor might be reaching at this point in the conversation, but the thought is there.  We miss you too, but that place needs you.  Don't forget all the reasons why you needed to go.

Maybe you didn't need that pep talk, but basically I am saying I've been there, I know it sucks sometimes, and I'm praying for that.  Get it, girl!  Colin Farrell doesn't know who he just ran into..." 'Recall' THIS, Colin!!"

So I wish I could say I hadn't spent a good part of this week being a whiney baby.
And I wish I was as cool as Christina.
And one day I'll look at Colin Farrell and say the words, "Recall THIS, Colin!!"
Which of course he won't because he will not be privy to this conversation or blog post.
But it'll make sense to me.

And if I'm saying weird stuff to Colin Farrell, it means my friends and family did a good thing and that is they didn't let me come home. They made me stay here for another week and another after that.
It means I'm doing what I love and I'm where I'm supposed to be.
AND, if I play my cards right, this holiday, I'll be introducing my family to my new boyfriend- Hollywood... this metaphor may be reaching a little much.

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Anonymous said...

After rethinking the whole thing, metaphors reach as far as you have the confidence to take them. So you indulge and take that big step that tells everyone you're serious in your relationship by bringing Hollywood home for the holidays.

And ma'am, trust me, you are the coolest. I'm just the occasional tactical support (even though I still haven't finished that chapter on breaching deadbolts):)

You rock, sister!