Monday, June 11, 2012

To Learn to Be An Adult

North to Nashville

When I decided to move to Nashville almost 4 years ago, people would immediately ask,
Everyone always wants to know why.
I would always respond with,
"To learn to be an adult."

I don't know entirely what I thought that meant.
Clearly-  I wasn't an adult yet.

The truth is there was a much longer answer that involved God and belly feelings,
but that's a long story that not everyone want to hear or is able to understand, for another day.

Anyway- fast forward to March 2012.
Erin and I were performing a sketch I'd written for a local comedy show.
It was my first sketch.
It was also the first time we were going to be performing as NOT Erin and MeLissa.
We were Snookie and her Social Media Manager, to be exact.
And, let's just say, I did a lot of things on that stage that Snookie would be proud of.

Here's the funny thing-
in the middle of adjusting my chest in Erin's face and attempting a heavy New York accent,
I had the distinct thought of,
"I'm an adult now."

Did re-enactments of raucous living make me an adult? No.
It was the packing my stuff and moving away from home.
It was the wandering around the mall when I had no money.
It was the paying of my own bills.
It was the working for two wonderful organizations.
It was the pursuing of writing and comedy.
It was the reading and the praying and the growing.
It was the 555 and the ladies who have discipled me.
It was the Copeland and the Seabird.
It was the making of meals for potluck dinners.
It was the paying of taxes and renewing of plates.
Those things will help you learn to be an adult.

Once, a kid in my freshman college choir class told me he thought I was mute.
That's because I didn't talk to anyone.
And now, I was making people laugh with my Jersey Shore impressions.
Maybe only my mom knows what a 180 that is.
From the person I was when I left Florida, to who I was that night-
It's big, people.

All that to say, I'm an adult now, I think.
I'm ready to start living life as an adult.
To make mistakes as an adult.
To be brave like an adult.
And I will always love Nashville- it's the nest that has gotten me ready for what's next.

On that note, America- I'm moving to Los Angeles at the end of July.
And the first question you're going to ask is,
And the short answer is,
"Because I'm an adult."

(Your second question will likely be, "Do you have a job and a place to live out there?"
My answer to that is "No, but I will. If you've got a friend, I've got a resume.")

West to California


NiTasha said...

super exciting. please, let's hang out before you go?

MeLissa said...

Of course!

gschof said...

oh my, melissa. how proud i am of you. i am so excited for the adventure you're starting. what an amazing adventure it shall be :o)