Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

Tuesdays are for inspiration and this Tuesday is Valentine's Day!
Whether or not you have it, it's good to celebrate love.
Here is some inspiration for making today special for you and your favorites.

1. Write a love letter.
heart mail

One Valentine's Day in elementary school, I got a poem from a boy. It involved rhyming things with the word "gravel". Now that's a serious commitment to artistry from a 9 year old and I still appreciate it years later. Author Eugene Peterson wrote that "we want, most of us, to hear what is written to us and to us alone."

In a time and place where most conversation happens via text message, use the excuse of Valentine's Day to write a letter. A real letter. You can even fold it up crazy like you did in middle school. Just use your real handwriting.

1B. Feel free to write a poem.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
You really like Star Wars
And I really like you.

A poem like that says "I'm clever and I don't mind that sometimes you forget and call me General Akbar." Now that's love.

2. Surprises
flower surprise

Not the kind where you kidnap someone and keep them in your basement. I'm talking about where you deliver flowers. Or you show up for a surprise lunch. Or you leave the note you just wrote on the windshield of your favorite person's car. The more unexpected, the better (again, not unexpected like a kidnapping)!

Maybe the hold up is that the person you love has no idea you love them. Let me tell you that this can be the best kind of surprise. It could also end horribly, it's a risk, but I feel like it's worth knowing.

what if it does?

3. Make a Valentine!
you're sweet

You don't have to be a child to send your friends Valentine's. Go to CVS and buy your favorite box of tear-apart cards. Or find some construction paper, glitter and Elmer's glue and go crazy.

4. A Valentine's Fort

Fort Wonderful
Build a fort. Pick up some waffles. Sit in the fort and watch movie after movie. I promise this is a good idea unless one of the fort participants does not like waffles. If this is the case, they don't deserve to be in such a wonderful fort.

5. Date the whole world.

Take all you need

So maybe a smoking hot Valentine's date isn't in the cards for you. That doesn't mean love can't happen for you. Share the love even if you don't know who with. Not in a weird way... if that's possible.

love Love LOVE.

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leslie said...

This made my heart (and mouth) smile.