Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

This Christmas, I got my first tube of Chanel lipstick from my abuela. For a boy, that doesn't mean anything, but Coco Chanel is a big deal to me. I'm pretty obsessed right now. I mean, I suppose I could've gone and bought my own Chanel lipstick from Macy's but there's something about a mom passing on wisdom about being a lady to her daughter.

Born in 1883, Coco went from daughter of a washerwoman to fashion icon.
She was scandalous, a fashionista, adventurous, brave and set the bar on classiness for generations of ladies to come. For the ladies in my life, here is some inspiration from Coco herself.

young Coco
date with destiny
rich people
no ugly women

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