Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Want To Remember

I was reading this blog by Katie Davis, who lives across the globe in Africa and as a college student, decided to stay and raise 13 precious little girls. These are girls from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of stories. Some siblings, some orphans. The other night she found one daughter asleep on the hard floor, her blanket pulled around her. When Katie asked why she was sleeping on the floor, her daughter answered,

"I just want to remember. Some people don't have a bed, mom.
I didn't have a bed, mom. God gave me a bed.
And I wanted to remember what it was like to not have one."

Katie asked us to remember those things in our life.
That is how we also remember that God is good and faithful.

I've only been without a bed for two weeks.
I remember going and looking for one.
I remember waiting for it to be delivered.
I remember the two men who put it together in 5 minutes.
I remember buying it every time I look at it.
It's the first thing I bought when I moved to Nashville to start life as an adult.

I remember only knowing one person in this city.
I remember looking for jobs all day on an old PC.
I remember going for weirdo interviews to sell baseball tickets for Atlanta games in downtown Nashville.
I remember walking through the Cool Springs Mall (because it didn't charge admission to get in) and just looking at all the stuff I couldn't buy.
I remember packing up all the stuff that could fit in my car to drive to Nashville.
I remember Scott McDaniel telling Erin and I that we should start a web show.
I remember Darrel Girardier posting pictures from the set of Adventure Now 2 and Erin and I being so mad that girls were never in videos (little did we know our best roommate Lydia was in Adventure Now 2!)
I remember God putting Nashville on my heart- with no reason or explanation. He told none of my other friends at the time. He didn't tell my family they were going too. Just me. Then I went to camp and met Erin McGown.

I remember all those things because they have been some of the most wonderful, hilarious, horrible, difficult times of my life. But I know God brought me to and through all of it. So as I sit in the bed that I bought three and a half years ago, Erin, Lydia (and coincidentally Leslie too, who was one of our first visitors to Nashville) are still asleep in their beds. We have a house that we have to get ready for people to come over tonight. People we didn't know 3.5 years ago. I'm grateful for all of them, even though I should tell them that more. And as I'm entering my next phase of adventures, I remember the start of this one with confidence and with the awareness that I can always go to the mall if I have no money as long as they don't start charging at the door.

I moved to Nashville and we had our first pumpkin party!
Then Erin and I made this:

Everything changed after this.
What do you need to remember?

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