Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

This is our last Tuesday before 2012.
When you're an adult, time flies so much faster. I'm booked through February already.
Remember when it felt like 100 million years between when you got out of school and when Christmas Day arrived? Like, it was literally painful. Now, I'll be 65 in the blink of an eye.

But, let's bring our focus back to right now.
After 2011, here are some of the biggest inspirations of my year:

1. Keiko Lynn
sign me up for this dress.
Super fun blogger, great pictures, lots of inspiration. She taught me how to curl my hair (via Youtube tutorials) and where to find way cute shoes. She also inspired me to be more thoughtful when getting dressed- today is a day to wear something you love, right?

2. Jon Acuff
He taught me about being a Quitter. And about what being a cool parent looks like. And about what mobilizing a readership to do something awesome looks like. He's a regular dude doing things anyone one of use could do. And that's what I like about him. He's actually doing them.

3. Sleeping At Last
September cover of their Yearbook project
Again, Since the day I met her in 2008, a large amount of my life inspiration comes from Grace Schofield. Because of that, I get lots of good music inspiration from her. At the top of that list is Sleeping At Last. Favorites this year: "Emphasis" and "Accidental Light". Look them up. Then buy them.

4. Fringe
I want to fight crimes like Olivia Dunham
Anyone who has stood within 5 feet of me in the past month knows that I went through a complete Fringe immersion. I absolutely love that show. I love everything about Walter Bishop's character. Joshua Jackson has my whole heart. I can't even tell you which part I like more- the science/crime solving or their struggle to really know/love and understand one another. I'm there with you, Olive.

5. Catalyst Conference

This year I went to Catalyst Conference for the first time with our Kairos team at work. I've heard good things about it, but going was beyond anything I could've expected. The theme this year was "Be Present" which was simple to say but tough to actually live out (so it inspired this blog). I got to hear from people like Blake Mycoskie (sounder of TOMS shoes), Andy Stanley (pastor of North Point Community Church in Atlanta) and Judah Smith (pastor of City Church in Seattle, WA)- people dreaming, imagining, doing and being a little ridiculous. It was nice to just be present. It was nice to hear from the big guy. It was nice to be surrounded by a lot of people trying to figure out the same things I am. And for that, Catalyst, I salute you. For your ferris wheel outside the conference center, I again salute you. For your kissing contest before the start of the conference, I demand reimbursement for the price of my breakfast.

So that is certainly not an exhaustive list, but definitely some milestones for me on Inspiration list. And know that I have a lot of things lined up for 2012. I'm Mayan, so it's my year.

And you? What were your big inspirers in 2011?


Elizabeth said...

Catalyst--Priscilla Shirer's message was the kick-in-the-pants I needed.
Jon Acuff--same reasons you listed.
Bryan Allain--he's a blogger that's working to turn his passion into his job, and help others do the same. It's fun-and inspiring-to see him turn a dream into reality.
Katie Davis--this girl's faith is daunting. And then I remember she's younger than me. And then she says humbly, "I'm just being obedient."
Books and TV: Hunger Games, Start Something That Matters, Once Upon a Time, Parenthood, The Help, etc.

MeLissa said...

I am really excited to read "Start Something That Matters"! That's definitely on my list.
I've recently added the Hunger Games- everyone has raved about it.

And yes, Once Upon A Time... love it!
These are all great inspirations!