Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

One of my dearest friends, Grace, wrote a blog for her 29th birthday and, as usual, it was not the usual blog. She decided to celebrate her 29th year of life by finding 29 people- near and far, close friends and new friends, good friends and not so good friends- and investing in them.

Grace is a daily inspiration to me.
And so today I'm thinking about a similar list. Maybe not 29 because I'm nowhere near as capable as she is as loving people. But I'm making a list.

So what about you?
Do you have a list? Do you have friends who are doing awesome things?
Do you have 29 people who could benefit from more of you in their life?

And if that's not enough, there are these:

the best yearbook
it's obviously a thug life
The kitten was clearly missing a sweater

1 comment:

gschof said...

you just need to know that you are a daily inspiration to me, too. i just love the heck out of you. and i don't know how good i'm going to be about loving those people, but i'm going to try.

and i know you're going to love the heck out of some people that really need it, too. :o)