Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

It's Tuesday and here is some inspiration.
So why ain't you flying?

Life is for living,
not living uptight.
-Jay-Z, "Live Forever"

"We fooled you. This right here,
It ain't a conference.
It's a runway.
Why ain't you flyin'...?"
-Catalyst 2011

Do you know why I put up with this pitiful job, Mr. Donaghy? Why I fetch these folks' lunch and clean up their barfs? Because they make television. And more than jazz or musical theater or morbid obesity, television is the true American art form. Think of all the shared experiences television has provided for us, from the Moon landing to the Golden girls finale; from Walter Cronkite denouncing Vietnam, to Oprah pulling the trash bag of fat our in the wagon; from the glory and the pageantry of the Summer Olympics, to the less fun Winter Olympics. So please, don't tell me I don't have a dream, sir. I am living my dream.
-Kenneth Parcell, 30 Rock

Let us live like we were children.
Make us feel like we're still living
In a world I know is burning to the ground.

Instead of wondering where your next vacation is,
maybe you ought to set up a life
you don't need to escape from.
-Seth Godin
Great tales are about those who don't give up.
There is good left in the world worth fighting for.
Let your life point to that.
-Sean Astin, Story Conference 2011

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,
and the only way to be truly satisfied
is to do what you believe is great work.
And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
-Steve Jobs

The biggest mistake people make in this life
is not trying to make a living doing what they enjoy most.
-M. Forbes


Mikeel said...

AMEN to all that! I'm on a holiday now, and I realize how much I miss my work. it's true, "do what you love. love what you do." :)

Kristen Franks said...

loving the Catalyst quote, NeedToBreathe is my fav, and Steve Jobs :D

MeLissa said...

Mikeel- Yay! You better get to work! There's so much space on the internet for all your good ideas.

Kristen- Catalyst was so good this years! Lots of good words and inspiration.