Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Business

Let me just tell you, I am pretty much a genius idea generator.
I decided to compile some of my top business ideas after being inspired by an episode of The New Girl.
I'll also be accepting investor emails starting... now...

Zooey Desch-cuteness
1. I hire Joy Williams and Zooey Deschanel to teach classes for girls on being cute. Course lessons include "Finding Dresses That Are Just the Right Length", "Holding Your Arms Cute", and "Popping Your Hip Really Cute". Trust me. It's going to be a big hit.

People will want to date you for this. I promise.
2. I'll rent cute puppies and babies to single men and women. It will also double as a doggie/child daycare. Everyone wins, especially me.

Get a Pinterest
3. I will find cute things to pin on your Pinterest boards. You want cute DIY projects? You want cute hair ideas? You want cute things covered in glitter? I'm your girl. I will scour the internets (or at least other people's pin boards) and I will load those jokers with cute things. You'll never be bored again. Or ugly. And while you make a wreath out of yarn and paper flowers or curl your hair, you can look at inspiring words in cool fonts. You're welcome.

You've never been so interested in art.
4. I want to record funny audio tours for museums. Yep, that's a simple one. I won't tell tourists about how the artist or the Romantic period. I'll tell them where they can find all the paintings of kittens or women who look like men. Those things are important too.

Trust me, these are good ideas and Zooey Deschanel's cute little nose is going to make me millions.
Believe it.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, the puppy/baby rental thing? I definitely had that thought before! It would work.
Also, the audio tour idea? um...let's discuss this sometime. I had a similar thought once and I think we could morph the two and make it happen (not Louvre level. yet. we can work our way up).
And sign me up for the cuteness classes.