Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

Folks- Fall has inspired me to make the most of the jolly seasons.
These are the Pinterest projects I'm looking forward to most.
I need to get started!

red velvet pancakes
Red Velvet Pancakes - for reals? Yes. Don't they look like they came right out of Whoville? Minus the brick of butter on top, I could eat these for every meal. And when I think of pancakes, I think of Ms. Grace Kathleen Schofield, so would you mind coming on down to the Music City already? It's pancake time, Grace.

postcard keepsakes
Postcard Keepsakes - I have so many beautiful postcards (again, mostly thanks to Grace) that I would LOVE to display in some way. This looks like an awesome way to accomplish that!

Christmas scripture banners
Christmas Scripture Banners - I love everything about this. Expect to find excessive amounts of these hanging all over our house. And maybe your house too. Things could get crazy.

paint-by-number lyrics
Paint-by-number Lyrics - Elsie Larson makes everything look lovable and hip. Even an outdated paint-by-numbers. Combine that with my love of words and we have a super simple DIY for me to work on one evening very soon.

pumpkin white hot chocolate
Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate - Does this need any explaining? I need this immediately.

What are you working on?
Where is your inspiration coming from?
Let's hear it!


Allison Drew said...

I love all of these x100

gschof said...

i love this. and i love you. and i love pancakes and postcards. and i will be in nashville as soon as i can run there.

(running to nashville is actually a very intriguing idea...)