Monday, October 3, 2011

October Is For Fancy

Guys, it's my birthday month.
My favorite season and month of the year.
The month of my favorite holiday - Halloween.
Things could hardly get better.

This month, we've decided, is for fancy things.
Give yourself a reason to be a little fancier than normal.
I have a friend named Suhashini who once told me

"You're never overdressed. Everyone else is underdressed."

She said this as she was putting on a prom dress to run a relay race.
And you can't argue with that.

So what fancy things will you be adding to your every day?

Maybe a fancy afternoon tea?
This is from the Banana Republic Mad Men collection.
Maybe you work at a gas station. No one says you can't dress fancy.
Nothing will make your fancy faster than a set of pearls.
A chandelier makes a room fancy.
Make a regular dinner more fancy with simple candles.
Make regular things fancy.

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