Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Is Still For Ladies

A year ago I declared September was for ladies.
The next day I wrote a retraction.

But it was okay because the fire had already been started.
My friends and I spent the year declaring a theme for each month.
And now we're back.


So what does it mean?
"September is for ladies" is a weird sentence to read.
It means you should celebrate the women in your life.
It means you should take the opportunity to spend quality time with the gals.
It means giving yourself 30 days to thoroughly enjoy the perks of lady-dom.

Should you avoid boys altogether as I'd originally planned last September?
Well that's up to you. 30 days without boys is never a bad idea.
Unless you're moving and you need super strong people.

Ideas for things you can do this September:

1. Go get your nails done together. Insta-girly. Afterwards you can play MASH.
(Sidenote- I was looking for pictures of manicures for this blog. I was grossed out by seeing cuticles close up so I opted against it. Cuticles are sick.)

2. Have an ice cream party. Or a yogurt party if you're health conscious. Or a brownie chocolate syrup death-by-sugar sundae party. It's whatevs. Girls like to eat cookies or Rotel dip. So eat those together. Don't eat those things together. You know what I mean. If you don't, good luck.

3. Girly roadtrip. One time Erin, Arley, Lyd and I went to visit our favorite blogger. Boys don't like to take trips to the middle of nowhere for the sole purpose of visiting their favorite blogger, much less go with me to visit my favorite blogger. September is a good time to take advantage of the weather cooling off, the kids back in school, and visiting the bloggers you love. #NerdAlert

4. Start a club. Like a bible study. Or a book club. This makes September last a little longer. We've had art clubs. Project Runway clubs. Now we have a 555 Ladies Bible Study. Try something new. Spend some time each week hanging out with ladies. It's good for you.

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