Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures In The Windy City

Right now I'm in Chicago, which is crazy enough as it is because I am self-admittedly obsessed with anything involving Al Capone and the mafia of the 1940s. (What am I not obsessed with? you might be asking yourself. Sports, organic food, and electric cars to start.) But today I wanted to remember everything not just because I'm here in the Windy City and that's freaking awesome enough, but because one day I want to tell my children my most favorite parts:

1. Trains are awesome. Not having a car is mostly awesome. (I have no clue how people who don't listen to the radio find new music, though.) One time your mom and her friend Mary bought themselves a 7-day metro card and in that time mastered the Chicago train system.

2. You think Monet paints good paintings, but wait until you see them in real life. Wait until you see those waterlilies up close and you can tell how thick the paint is. Wait until you are standing in front of Van Gogh's self portrait and you realize how beautiful it is and that you're standing about as far away from the canvas as Van Gogh was when he painted it. Wait until you see how big Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand-Jatte by Georges Seurat really is and know what it's like to have something take your breath away.

3. The chocolate and peanut butter whoopie pies at The Corner Bakery are the best things I've ever had and if you're my child, a love for peanut butter and chocolate will certainly exist within you. Imagine a cloud and a brownie had a baby and that hybrid child was used as the pie part. Then they filled it with rare elven peanut butter made from magic and they sold it at The Corner Bakery. You will never be disappointed.

4. Once, I walked from the 200 block to the 1600 block on Wells Ave in flat sandals and at the end of it, wished I could cut my legs off at the knees, but it was worth it. We passed Gino's Pizza East, we made lots of jokes about Mario and Luigi, and then we walked right up to Second City and went in.

5. Know that I was so scared and felt so little and like such a little baby who snuck in the back door. Know that people who think they're funny so they have to act funny all the time are annoying. Know that watching my first Second City show was the coolest thing I'd ever done because I knew I could do what they were doing on the stage, too. Then know I found a much shorter train route home to our hotel in the weirdest part of town. Know that the hotel we stayed in smelled like a dirty litter box, but it was free, so we loved it.

And if one day my children read this, know that I love you, one day I'll bring you to Chicago myself, and you shouldn't be cussing in public, even if you're just retelling a joke you heard somewhere.

Literally just thick smatherings of paint done beautifully.

Second City
Riding trains at night.

Big buildings = wind tunnels


Van Gogh did this. Paint so thick, you can see the brush strokes even from a picture, Seth.


Mikeel said...

I love how you are on an adventure right now! :) I'm looking for my vacation, or at least some traveling work-related or not.

Mikeel said...

*looking forward to

Seth said...

"You can still see the brush strokes."
That's kind of how paintings work, MeL.

MeLissa said...

Not on all the paintings we saw today, SeT.

Mitch said...

For Seth,

What a douche.


Seth said...

"MeLissa still listens to the radio. What an old person."
- Tidwell

Katie DeCillo said...

If you get the chance, eat some popcorn from Garrett's, explore Millenium Park, and try on some crazy hats at Macy's. Glad you're having such a magical adventure!

wordslinger0044 said...

My brothers & I: love PB & chocolate together. Think it's a gift from heaven.
My father: cant understand why someone would ruin good chocolate with PB or vice versa.

I'm just saying: not everything in life is guaranteed.

Co. Stephen Knight said...

bugnesHello, Granddaughter, you surely have a great eye and are seeing very well with it. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You must eat Garrett's Chicago Mix popcorn to make your adventure complete.....and....if you bring me some I will love you even more than I already do.