Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update Times.

I've been so bad about blogging.
For my reasoning, just know that the other night I closed a book to go take a shower and as soon as I'd had the thought, I immediately fell asleep. Lights on. Book in my hand.
Erin was worried when I woke up.
So, exhaustion.

So let's do a quick update.
For those of you I've never met before, hello!
For those of you I have, there's a good chance you're someone I adore.

  1. I realized recently that I only get forehead wrinkles on the right side of my forehead.
  2. I go to the beach next week. FINALLY. One day, I'll be an old lady who makes art out of driftwood I find outside of my beach home. Yep. It's a promise.
  3. I have two dogs, Roman and Ripley. They are the funniest two creatures I've seen since Dunston checked in. Roman likes sci-fi movies. Ripley likes kissing boys.
  4. My family lives in Florida. I live in Nashville. We have an 11 hour drive between us. I used to like driving. Now my hips hurt after 9 minutes of being in the car. It was my first sign of old age.
  5. My dad is from Honduras. He's a Mayan. That makes me a Mayan. Guess what? 2012 is my year.
  6. If you need to find me during the day, I'm probably at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee. I'm the Production Coordinator. You can find me because I'm easily the loudest person in the whole building, that includes the preschoolers. But, in my defense, there isn't a designated time for listening to Phil Collins. Can I get an amen?
  7. I am a comedy writer. How? I write comedy. I write it for me. Sometimes I get lucky enough to write it for other people. I write when no one pays me to. I write when people do. I work hard. And one day, I might have the privilege of writing jokes that you'll laugh at while never realizing they were mine.
  8. Fine. I like "Who says?" by Selena Gomez. FINE. I listen to it a lot. 
  9. I can remember things, mostly things you'd hoped I'd forget. Sorry. What day of the week is it? You're on your own with that one.
  10. Sitting in Transformers tonight, I realized my brothers were infinitely cooler as children than I could ever hope to catch up to, even as an adult. Most of the really cool things I know and loved growing up were a result of them. And now that those things are coming back (Transformers, Thundercats, and if someone could get some Mario Brothers kicking again, I'd appreciate it), my little heart can enjoy them to their full extent. Thanks Josh and Austin.
Who says?
Who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one who's heard it?

Selena Gomez, you're alright in my book.

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