Saturday, July 16, 2011


Things you need to know that explain why I'm writing this blog:
1. I just saw the last Harry Potter movie. I am a little listless as a result. Did I know how it was going to end? Yes. I read the book. It's just closure on 13 years of investment. That can be a little emotional.
2. Today I was talking to my friend Seth about writing scripts. He used the term "idea machine". I'd like to think that quality might exist with me.

What kind of people are idea machines?
Wendy. From Peter Pan. I think she was a good example of an idea machine. But I think a more primal way of saying that is Wendy was a storyteller. Real storytellers won't run out of stories because they can be about anything.
I am a storyteller.


I don't like stories about space, because I'm afraid of space (really, I'm afraid of suffocating).
I don't like stories that chronicle long, unredemptive lives (don't bother watching "Blue Valentine?).
I don't like stories about horses or dogs. (Black Beauty? I don't care about you.)

And what kind of stories do I like?
-I like stories where what we don't imagine to be real confronts reality and makes the listener say "Wait, is this happening somewhere and I don't know about it?"

-I like stories where the hero has to make a sacrifice, because I don't think a lot of us know what that looks or feels like these days, that some sacrifices are permanent, that some things are irreplaceable, that sometimes you just have to live with a decision. I think that knowledge makes people think more carefully.

-I like stories that, even after a thousand words, a thousand more wouldn't be enough.

-My favorite stories are the ones that make you different afterward, even if it's only in the slightest of ways.

Those are the kind of stories I want to tell.
Those are the kind of stories I want to live.

And you? What kind of stories do you like?

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