Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to talk.

Today my schedule did not go as planned.
Actually, my only plan was to go to the gym but that plan got high-jacked over and over.

My boss wanted me to check out a space for a creative meeting... was AWESOME.

A friend came by my office to grieve...
...she ended up comforting me.

Another friend needed to talk about work... 
...but, really she just needed to be reminded of how capable she was. 

Another friend showed up from out of state...
...I always miss him when he's gone.

I saw two friends I haven't seen in months even though they live no more than 5 miles away... this point everything else is just whip cream.

One friend told me a crazy story that might be a miracle... 
...God can make things happen at Starbucks.

And now I'm spending time with these dogs because I haven't been home before 9 this whole week. We're watching Hoarders. (Anything that keeps them from growing up to be hoarders, I'm in favor of.)


So apparently I just needed to listen.
And be reminded of how lucky I am to have good people in my life.
I am lucky, lucky, lucky.

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