Saturday, June 18, 2011

Confessions of a Not So Pretty Girl

Secret confession: I LOVE fashion blogs.
I love learning about eye make up and the best ways to put on lipstick.
I could look at pictures of outfits all day long.

Favorites right now:
The Sartorialist
Keiko Lynn

Truth be told, I'm not good at dressing myself, at putting on makeup. When it comes to being pretty, I usually feel like the clumsy dancer who can't duplicate the dance moves her teacher is doing right in front of her. But I still try and I still love it.

One summer I worked as a videographer in Greenville, SC. It was in the middle afternoon and I was in yet another nursing home. I was standing next to a resident, a woman who looked as tired as I did. She made some comment about one of the pretty girls in the group. I just agreed - I, on the other hand, looked like someone had hit me with a wet mop.

"You too," she said. "You have those eyes."

I still think about that a lot. My eyes have always been my favorite part of me. There's really nothing special about them. They're brown. They're little, but they were always the part of me that made me feel like a lady. I knew that but no one else had ever seen it, until that tired lady in a nursing home.

That's something that sticks with you- when someone sees something in you that only you've ever seen before.


Here's the thing. Every girl knows what she doesn't like about herself. I can tell you that there was a time in my life where my every thought was about those things. I'm to a place now where every day I like what I see more. I'm grateful for that. Half the battle is being brave enough to recognize what you like about yourself - whether or not anyone else ever does - your lopsided smile, the natural way your hair parts, your chin. Then one day, when you least expect it, the people you plan on blessing end up blessing you.


Allison Drew said...

You're one of the prettiest people I know... but I know what you mean.

Also, I too love a fashion blog.

MeLissa said...

Thanks ma'am. And this Keiko blog... obsessed right now. Like to an unhealthy level.

Karla said...

You ARE a pretty girl. Just to be sure you know.