Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I Love: Vikings

No secret. I love Vikings.
And today we had a Norwegian choir at church.
They were ridiculously good.
And the majority were tall and blonde.
Proving that, SOMETIMES, stereotypes are true.

This horse is drooling.
Viking Public Transportation
Cartoon Viking.
Happy Viking.

Other good things about Norway:

woodcarvings are serious business.
Vikings appreciate dragons.
Moose are as plentiful as butterflies.
Vikings may be killers, but they also like pretty colors.
You can find buildings like this in Norway.
Norwegians are not playing around when it comes to sweaters.

So some of the other things I listed as great parts of Norway were also Viking-related.
It's okay. It's only logical.
Time to get my passport renewed.
The Great White North calls.


arley said...

Oh dear.

Adam Dye said...

One time I was eaten by a Viking.