Friday, May 20, 2011

Creating Reality.

I am currently at a songwriters conference.
There are a lot of worship leaders here.
There are a lot of pearl-snap shirts here.
There is a lot of scraggly facial hair here.

I was sitting in the morning general session long enough to hear Chuck Fromm, publisher of Worship Leader Magazine say,

"You are poets and writers and you are creating reality."

Loose your fear of being wrong.

Songwriters can definitely be the overly-emotional mushy type.
They can say things that are dramatic and beautiful but don't mean a whole lot of anything.
But in this case, he's right.

What makes us look twice at the ocean for the possibility of mermaids?
What makes us look twice at the sky for the possibility of spaceships?
Before JK Rowling, who thought Hogwarts would be a common word in conversation?
Before Stan Lee, who would've considered swinging from building to building by spiderweb?

Moral of the story- I'm grateful for the opportunity to show the world what is possible,
to push the edges out a little further by not being afraid to share the things in my mind.

Writers, songwriters, painters, storytellers, movie makers, this isn't silliness.
This isn't pointlessness.
You are creating reality.
Inside you is a little piece of the Creator, and it is in our nature to create
(as well as destroy, but that's for another day).

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