Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Beginning of Weddings

Get ready. I'll probably talk about weddings at least twice on this blog now that my roommate Lydia is engaged!

Now I've thought about my wedding probably a combined 8 minutes.
I don't know how I could be expected to decide anything without know when, where, why or who*.
(*Translation: my brain shuts down on the subject.)

However, in the 6 minutes, I've decided that there are a few things I will NOT have in my wedding/on my wedding day:

1. The electric slide/the chicken dance/the Macarena/ the locomotion - Look. It's not happening. Natalie Gavarrette is going to try and I know it. But guess what? It's going in the contract. Absolutely not unless the attendees want to watch a newly-married bride combust into flames.

2. The pouring of colored sand into a single glass jar - Nope. It'll gather dust. In 50 years, it'll just be a jar of colored sand that I can't use anywhere, but can't throw away because it is A SYMBOL OF OUR UNDYING LOVE!

3. Anyone else wearing white - I know it's a trend. Everyone in white. That's cute on a day that isn't happening once, if you're lucky. Today, be grateful I'm not making everyone else wear sack cloth. We'll instead go with the traditional dress code of "not white" for the attendees and bridal party.

Cutey Pies
Note to self: get married here.
OH cuteness.
There's nothing about this I don't adore.

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