Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Storm

Electrocution Hazards
A Storm Is Gonna Come
Inside of me are thunderclouds.
Always swirling. Always rumbling.
Every few weeks they grow and grow to the point that I am a hurricane.
Then I can't sit still.

The Darjeeling Lovely
The Justice Little League
And I want to catch the first flight to wherever.
And I want to be an explorer.
An author.
An actress.
A gardener.
A bread maker in France.
A reckless girl with a vendetta.
A matador with a heart of gold.

Unreal Life
Back to reality
Then I remember my responsibilities.
And I remember how much I owe on my car.
And I remember the people I love.
And I remember the things I have to do at work.
And I remember that right now I need to be here.
And the storm settles down.
For a little while.

The nothing.
Right now the storm is in the growing stage.
Anything could happen tomorrow.

1 comment:

Karla said...

Uh oh. You and I are in the same weather pattern. Got a major storm brewing inside me.

Hope we don't blow at the same time!

I loved this post because you know how to say what I feel and show me pictures of it, too!