Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm looking in on the good life.

hello, I missed you

Today I went to a wedding shower.
Those things can be dangerous for a girl of marriable* age.
(*That's not a word. Yet.)

But this was the kind that makes you happy.
It reminded me that even if I have to wait until I'm 65, it'll be worth it if it means I get to marry a boy who looks at me the way Eric looked at Jamie today. He looked at her and you knew he was happy. 

There are some days when I wonder if I'm doing it all wrong.
If I should be more worried about the fact that most days I'm more interested in being funny than landing a boyfriend.

There are also some days when I'm sad that it's not my time yet.
Especially right now when people are getting married and going on dates and I'm writing a stage play.
But it'll be worth it on the day when we're sitting at our wedding shower trying to unwrap glassware that was apparently soldered into it's giftwrap and he looks at me like that.
I'm willing to wait on that.

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