Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration


It is not so much the aim of the devil
to lure me with evil as it is to
preoccupy me with the meaningless.
-Donald Miller

John Bunyan wrote a story called Pilgrim's Progress. In it there is a story of the muckrakers, people who spent all day focused on raking the muck on the ground back and forth with no end, all the while a crown floated over their head. They never realized it because they never took their attention away from their menial task. That's a tragedy.

You are not what happened yesterday.
You're life is not determined by what boy does or does not like you.
Don't get stuck in the place where that crazy person freaked out on you.
You are not your job or your school or your house.

Today is Tuesday, but keep in mind the big picture.
This ugliness today? It is not the end of your story at all.
Get your head out of this ground-level situation, this thing consuming all your time and energy and keep your eyes on the big picture.
There's a crown over your head.
There's a story that you're apart of.
Don't worry about stapler or bad days or crazy people.
It's meaningless and it's a distraction.


gschof said...

amen. amen. amen.


Mary Lindsey said...

I sooo needed to hear this today! I feel like I'm stuck raking muck - laundry, diapers, etc. Muck caused by very special people...i need to stop and love on my sweet people instead of cleaning their muck.