Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

Opportunity follows struggle.
It follows effort.
It follows hard work.
It doesn't come before.
-Rev Run

If there's one thing I learned this past week, it's that no good thing stays without hard work.
Good things certainly fall into your lap. Good things happen.
But if you want to make good things last-
...if you want to raise happy families
...if you want to make a movie
...if you want lasting relationships
...if you want to be a championship jump roper
hard work is the only option.

And as much as I talk about inspiration, I am at the front of the line saying you can't wait to work based on how inspired you feel today. Writing a book means sitting down and putting words on pages whether you feel 100% inspired today or not.

So today, I hope you're inspired to do the work, to make it through, and to be okay when your time frame isn't what you thought it'd be. Only be strong and very courageous.


Dustin said...

You inspire me. :)

Skullay said...

well said.

my brother (that guy that commented before me) and i were comparing quotable tweets from our news feed and your tweet won.

"there are very small slugs in georgia. also the title of my autobiography"

easily the winner. if your blog is half as entertaining as that i'll be satisfied reading.