Monday, March 28, 2011

The Time Closet

Guys. I'm so excited to finally tell you all my secrets.
I've been working with my friends Seth Worley, Darrel Girardier, and Jeff Venable to launch Time Closet. It is a 16 episode series starring Tyler Torti, Ben Worley, and Darren Vandergriff.
In a closet. In time. In your house.

For reals. You need to go watch it.
Every Monday at 11 AM starting next Monday.
You can also subscribe and get tons of special feature videos every week: behind the scenes business, deleted scenes, tutorials and the Things You Can't Know podcast with the creators.

Also, look at this way sick poster designed by our brilliant graphic designer, Micah Lanier.

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Allison Drew said...

Man, this looks so good.