Monday, March 7, 2011

In Right Relationship


Let me tell you that I've been to Disney World more than one person should.
I could make you endless lists of the things I love...
...the beach
...being warm
...Cuban food

but none are quite as excellent, or so painfully won as being in right relationship with people.

What the heck does it mean to be in right relationship?

It means doing the hard work of staying in touch.
It means doing the hard work of resolving conflict when it's easier to ignore it.
It means being in a relationship that moves both people forward positively.
That's hard work.
It's quicker to cut your losses and start fresh.
But relationships are an investment and the value comes when you risk enough to put your money where your mouth is.

Love one another.


gschof said...

i just stole part of this as our 'one good thought monday' on the bcmd facebook page. so, good work. also, thanks for being smart so i can share it with others.


gschof said...

also, seriously speaking.

i really needed to read this today. because i was on the verge of being ungentle again.

and then i remembered that i'm a fighter. and i don't give up.

but you had to remind me, maria. so thanks for that.


MeLissa said...

Nobody solves a problem like Maria.
And everyday is a battle to be gentle. Boy, do I know that all too well.

NiTasha said...

shhhhooooo good.