Thursday, March 17, 2011



Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting with folks from every department. We were talking about practical ways to help our congregation connect the lessons they've learned from the story of Cleopas and the road to Emmaus to their everyday lives. I feel like we came up with some really good ones, especially one about our church members inviting friends and neighbors to coffee just to talk.

Then someone said it.
"Have we equipped them to do that?"

Have we equipped our congregation to know how to invite their friends and neighbors to hang out?
For reals?
Have we sat them down and showed them how to text someone?
Have we shown them how to walk next door and knock?
Are we being serious right now?

But the sad truth is it's a legitimate question.
People don't know how to connect.
And here's the clincher. 
I don't think it's just a church problem.
I think it's a human problem.
People my age don't want to be tied down.
They don't want anyone to rely on them.
Because when someone relies on you, you can't leave.
You're stuck. And we don't want to be stuck.
But there's a flipside- it also means you aren't investing in people.
People aren't investing in you.
You aren't getting to be involved in the growth of your community.
In the growth of your self.

And while it's nice to be able to go when the wind blows,
what if we were pumped about watching our friends and neighbors make progress in their lives?
What if we got to watch lives be change because of consistent love and prayer?
What if the world got to see people that weren't afraid of going through the trenches with one another?
What if we redefined what home and family and communication looked like?
I mean, Mark Zuckerberg did it, and based on all accounts, he's probably a punk.

So what if we did it without having to be told?
What if we did it because, woven into the fiber of our being is the knowledge that the best way to begin contact is with one foot in front of the other?
What would that mean for your life?
What could it mean for someone else's?


Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. -Romans 12:9-10

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