Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just A Little Exercise.

Samantha Sapp writes a delightful blog about pretty things, family and her darling life.
She posted an exercise she did listing her strengths and weaknesses. And since I think everything she does is pretty much brilliant, I decided to participate.


1. Getting a project started. I can definitely hustle on a good idea because nothing makes me more sad than seeing a good idea fall through for no other reason than never beginning.
2. Being a fast learner and thinker.
3. Rolling with the punches. Craziness happens, but you deal with it. Getting bogged down by circumstances is utterly tragic.
4. Spending money wisely. I'm pretty frugal. And that's only partly because I have no money.
5. Storytelling.

1. I have a ridiculously high level of social anxiety. I've had to work hard to learn to act like a normal human being in basic social settings.
2. Opening bills. I just hate it. It's the same reason I've only seen Titanic once. I know what's coming. Everyone dies at the end.
3. Giving myself a break. If life were like Homeward Bound, I'd be Shadow but sometimes I think I'd benefit from taking a break to be reckless and chase porcupines.
4. Getting mad. My first response is to be mad. My natural inclination is to be a fighter. Again, it's something I've had to work hard to overcome and I'm still working on it.
5. Peanut Butter eggs. I can't say no.

And what about you?


sam said...

ahhh!! you are awesome. and peanut butter eggs should have been on my list, too. xo

gschof said...

hahahaha. the peanut butter eggs was the first thing i wanted to comment on.

second. you are a fighter. and that's a good thing 99% of the time. the 1% is when you're fighting based solely on emotions.

or when you're fighting a t-rex. that's just dumb.

i love this idea. maybe i will do it. maybe. :o)

ps. you're awesome.

MeLissa said...

If I ever have occasion to fight a t-rex, you can be sure I'm bringing a cannon. And grenades. And a helicopter.

And you should definitely do it, even if you don't post it. You're doing a lot of preparing right now. It's probably a good homework assignment to give yourself.