Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Community Is Not.

Community isn't always convenient.
Community isn't when you feel like it.
Community can't include the words "I don't care".
Community can't ignore or forget.
Community isn't just once a month.
Community can't exist where grudges remain.
Community isn't easy.

Community is vital to our growth and development as humans.
Community is uncomfortable but forces us to face ourselves.
Community is the safety net that catches us when we fall.
Community is who fights for our best interests even when we can't.
Community is our home no matter where we are.
Community is who will ask us the tough questions.
Community is our sounding board, our safety rail, our goad, our whole heart.

I see a real need for people to risk it all for the sake of investing in their community.
Who is your community? It's the people you're talking to on a regular basis. It's the people you're seeing on a regular basis. It's the people who keep popping up in your life. They're not all going to be in the same place as you. They're not all going to look just like you. In fact, you probably need to consider diversifying if that's the case. That's the reason for each individual, to make your community complete.

So think about this:
-Who would you consider your community?
-How are you investing in them?
-How are they investing in you?

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Anonymous said...

That is come classic apophatic and kataphatic reasoning you got there and I like it!