Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

It's Inspiration Week here, and in honor of that, I present a special inspiration-themed TAFI.
This first inspiration is from one of my favorite artists and bloggers. I recall this particular advice regularly and try to live by it as a work ethic.

My person tips are when you feel inspired, drop everything and work! Make inspiration a priority. This means that if you have a favorite band, a favorite magazine or a favorite blog, you make time for it, guilt free! Small breaks for inspiration are always worth it when followed by a good creative workday!

Surround yourself with positive people in your life who love you and your work and make you feel really good about what you're doing. Avoid negative people during busy work times. Make friends with other artists you admire. This is a must! Friends in your industry will keep you inspired and challenged.

Find a new obsession as often as you need to. Obsessions keep me so inspired. Find things that you can fancy that make your day and cause you to think in a new direction.
-Elsie Fannigan, Red Velvet Art


You can't manufacture a movement.
You can only move.
If how you're moving matters, people will move with you.
So, move.
-Jon Acuff

I believe we must create what we most need to find.
-Sabrina Ward Harrison


I love a fresh page.
So much possibility.
God put in His creation a bit of Himself- a desire to create, a desire to His work flourish, to be proud of it. Out of nothing came everything and in this we cannot deny we carry a bit of Him whether we acknowledge it or not.
-from my Book of Inspiration

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