Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesdays Are For Inspiration

Seth Worley is one of my top 5 favorite human beings.

He is, without a doubt, unnaturally gifted when it comes to comedy writing.
And in a true older brother form, he is also unnaturally gifted at having endured and survived most every human tragedy and disappointment ahead of me, outside of menstrual cramps.

Seth always has the magic words, whether about dinosaurs, his talented wife and son, or how to handle boys who break your heart or the world trying to eat you up and spit you out.

This Tuesday I share some of Seth's inspiration.
(And hope he doesn't stop talking to me for fear of me blogging everything he says.)

One thing I've relearned from Elliott is the ability to just say "I'm scared" and not need to explain why. I'm intuitive enough of a father to know exactly how to rescue him in the moment. I don't need him to specify that it's dark and he can't see me.

No one faces opposition if they aren't going somewhere.

What was so compelling and powerful to me about Locke standing over Jack with a knife saying "I want you to know, Jack, that you died for NOTHING" is that I feel like that is Satan's primary weapon on my every single minute of every single day. That's what Locke chose to be the last thing Jack ever heard because that is the most painful thing for anyone to believe.
So it's gotta be wrong.
Because it's what the smoke monster said.

(In reference to growing up loving movies)
I was a kid who allowed these worlds and stories to really exist, to really tell me what the world was like, or more accurately, what the world could be like.

Helping a friend Christmas shop for his wife is the exact same thing as helping a friend appear to be your life partner.

Thanks Seth. Let me know if you have any questions about that cramping should it ever kick in. 

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Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! Seth Worley is one of MY top 5 fav people, too!