Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things I Love: Words On Walls

I thoroughly enjoy filling our house with thoughtful touches that reflect all the things the ladies of the 555 love. I probably need to do a home tour blog because I'm pretty proud of some of the things we've found.

In the mean time, I've been thinking about something fun to put on the one blank wall in my room. I'm becoming a really big fan of words as a work of art. Like these:

Lyrics from Paramore's Let the Flames Begin

Put those old magazines to good use.

Words can be the best kind of inspiration!

It's true. It could be worse.

Lyrics from my grandma's favorite song. You are my sunshine.

The Beatles know what's up.

A window is like a clear wall.

Sometimes you just have to see it in lights to get it.

Reverse collage = beautiful.

Note to self: be on time.

1 comment:

NiTasha said...

i like these. inspiration for decorating. yep.