Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something Funny

The following is an excerpt from a recent text conversation between me and Seth Worley.

SethWorley: She better hire a ghost writer if she want to get that finished.

SethWorley: Someone should also explain to her what a ghost writer is before she tries to do business with a ghost.

Me: "I've been paying MeLissa $25 a day to have her ghost friend ghostwrite for me. She says that how thongs work in Hollywood. It's John Candy's ghost. That's why I'm paying a premium. Quality costs."

SethWorley: Unfortunately for you, the only thing I read from that was "she says that's how thongs work in Hollywood."

SethWorley: According to your spellcheck, you talk about thongs more often than you talk about things.

Me: My spellcheck is my worst enemy. A completely unloyal friend.

Me: Earlier I tried to type "what time do you want to eat dinner?" It autocorrected to "I have a drinking problem."

*for the sake of my employers and my own integrity, I do not really have a drinking problem. Obviously, I have a comedy problem.

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