Monday, January 17, 2011

The Office

On Monday the 24th I will have my first official office.
Today I saw where it would be and was pretty excited about the potential for carving out a corner of earth that is mine.

My first idea? I want it to look like Dumbledore's office.
Marble phoenix.
Real phoenix.
Moving pictures.
Giant orbiting planets.
A password to get through the door.
Since the marble phoenix statue and unicorn tapestry are still several months from completion, I went hunting for some other inspiration online for the space.

I love that standard display techniques are forsaken and chicken wire is the chosen medium for displaying all their favorite pieces of inspiration. Light and completely non-distracting, I really like this idea.

The office seems like a great place to showcase collections that don't have space at home, like a lovely wallpaper print or a series of antique globes.
Or the vintage suitcases in the office below, found on decor8.

I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who are slightly gifted with photo-taking abilities. A photo spread on my wall would be a brilliant way to have them with me at work.

The colors of this office are my favorite: black, dark brown, eggshell. This just says "Sherlock Holmes works here" and if there's one thing I want people to think, it's that I'm solving mysteries all day. 

Holy guacamole. This is bulletin board disguised as something I want in every room of my house. Cover it in wallpaper or fabric, surround it with a beautifully aged frame and voila.

I don't have a window in my office, but I'm thinking about faking one and going with some dramatic curtains.

I feel like a chalkboard is going to be inevitable, if for no other reason than to give Elliott Worley more canvas options for drawing things like bears on a picnic or Buzz Lightyear.

But turning every wall, including the ceiling, into a chalkboard like this office showcased in the NY Times will ensure maximum productivity. Or that I will go insane enough to come up with a formula for time travel.

Google calendar circa 1880.

Painted bookshelves will surely be home to my authoritative collection of Calvin and Hobbs, my Encyclopedia Brown series and other work-related literature.

This office elephant will be the best way to keep me on time for meetings and appointments. Surely there is no better way I can think of.

Maybe Dennis will let me relocate my office to this mountainside. We can use it as a conference room and to throw waterballoons at invading hordes.

Eventually my office will look just like Dumbledore's.

But it will still be second place to this:
If ever give the option for an office with a playpen in it, I will say yes, as long as it's filled with baby pandas.

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Anonymous said...

1. Just think what Elliott could do with your glass double doors!

2. Dennis is going to possibly require you to have a GIANT calendar on one wall. Or possibly you can adopt his method of project management (which he stole from me), which is index cards, a movable feast of a note-taking system.

3. Your favorite colors are black brown and eggshell? Holy guacamole, we ARE the same person. Now I'm convinced That's weird.