Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Favorite Things

The other day, my dear friend Molly asked me to send her some of my favorite spots on the internets.

I'm currently following 78 blogs. I really owe a majority of whatever creative and inspiration I have on a daily basis to those 78 people(s). I present for your approval (in no particular order) some of the best ways to spend/waste time online.

Beautiful Things
These sites keep me updated on everything beautiful- crafts, home decorating, design, good handwriting.

1. Lovelorn Unicorn
2. Samantha Sapp Creative
3. Skunkboy Creatures
4. When The Summer's Gone
5. Weheartit

Laugh So You Don't Cry
Funny things. Things that may or may not add to your IQ.
As Matt Morris once told his mom, "comedy is my mating call."
Amen, Matt.

1. Linus In Hats
2. It Was A Bad Year
3. Stuff Christians Like
4. My Parents Were Awesome

Be A Better Human
These blogs teach me be to a better girl, business woman, and human being. All this while appearing more aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully.

1. Always Another Word To Say
2. The Wondrous Blog of Seth Worley
3. Darrel Girardier's tumblr
4. Seth Godin
5. Spill The Beans

Just Pictures
Mostly pictures. Mostly no words. Good.

1. Lydia Hates Purple
2. Josh Ritchie Photography
3. ...etc
4. Le Love
5. Post Secret

These sites have helped clothes finally make sense to me and, let's be honest, I need help not looking like a 14 year old.

1. The Sartorialist
2. A Beautiful Mess
3. My Mom, The Style Icon
4. Cupcakes & Cashmere
5. Little Chief Honeybee

I Want To Be A Mom
Most girls dream about their wedding. I think I'm more excited about bringing multiple wisecracks with weird ethnic names into this world. These blogs teach me how to do that. I want to be just like these ladies.

1. Me and E
2. Smile and Wave
3. Cakies

Girly Wedding Things
Fine. I'm a little excited about weddings, too.

1. Once Wed
2. Armosa Studios
3. Rock n' Roll Bride
4. Lemon Lime Photo

Higher Things
These blogs challenge what I believe and write about faith as something active and alive.

1. 500 or less
2. Who Is CZ?
3. the Journey


Molly said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited to look at these blogs! Thanks for posting this MeLissa!!! Love you and your crazy creative brain!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!!! Does that make me a creeper?
I cracked up when I saw that you quoted Matt. Thanks for sharing your heart and your life with us that could only dream to be you. I want to be you when I grow up.

sam said...

oh my good gracious, i cannot believe i made your list! you made my day. xo

MeLissa said...

Debo, I am BEYOND excited that you read this blog. I'm the creeper because I think you have one of the funniest families on the planet. I want to be just like you!

Sam. Of COURSE you're on this list. Also, one day, in the event that I get married, I've told Erin and Lyd that I want you to make my wedding invitations. And anything printed. Because I love everything you make. And it would surely be wonderful!