Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inspiration Week: Day 3


What do you love?
People find their niche and become gain a voice because they're regularly talking about what they love.

Cats. Baby cats. Baby cats in hats. I can spend hours looking at pictures of peoples’ cats who have edited them in Microsoft Paint to look like they have the body of Rainbow Bright or Batman. Hours.

Not sure of what you love? Think of it another way.
Is there anything you collect?
A repeating trend in your favorite movies?
Is there a dominant color in your wardrobe?
What comes to mind when you think of your favorite childhood book?
Where is your favorite place to travel?
What is your favorite food?

Figuring out what you love is going to be key to finding out and using what inspires you.
A novel idea is that it's easier to get inspired when you can integrate what you love.

Make a list of things you love. Maybe even make a list of things you don't like.
Find samples of the things you love. Post them on your blog, Twitter or Facebook.
Save photos you find online in a folder on your desktop. Look at it regularly.
Print out pictures and post them on an inspiration board in your work space.


maikeru said...

this is indeed inspiration week for me. there's nothing more inspiring than to see passionate people - passionate for their work, their art, their faith. and that's what I've seen this week. it's amazing.


MeLissa said...

I agree. It has a way of pushing you to do the impossible when you see others accomplishing amazing things and doing amazing work along the way.

Thanks for your post!

sam said...

i did my homework.