Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration Week: Day 1

What inspires you?
I feel like inspiration can really be translated into possibility- others showing you what is possible, you discovering what is possible out of yourself.

Inspiration is the difference between sitting on the couch and doing something you've always dreamed of whether it be being a better writer, a funnier human being, a college graduate, an inventor, a world champion speed walker.

I really hate when people allow themselves to be the only hindrance to seeing those dreams become realities. There are plenty of people who will tell you no. Don't include yourself in that list.

So I'm going to invite you physically make a list.
Where do you go for inspiration? Here are some possibilities to get you thinking.

  • Websites - I'm addicted to blogs. I can't get enough of good writing. I love good websites. I love pictures of peoples' families and their houses and their cats. What do I get from them? I find out what inspires them, what new things they're doing, what is possible. It reminds me that I can and should do the same.

  • Books - The Last Battle by CS Lewis is one of my favorite books in the whole world. I reference it as often as possible. Harry Potter is like crack for my brain. Calvin and Hobbs and the Far Side? Genius. Maybe it's because I loved them as a kid, but they ignite my imagination instantly.

  • Movies - Fantastic Mr. Fox makes me insta-creative. I usually work on projects while I watch it and I don't know if it's the music or the clever dialogue or the great imagery, but it never fails.

  • People - Surround yourself with innovators, movers and shakers, doers of the word. Their forward motion has a magic way of inspiring you to move.

  • Places - Writing at home takes so much longer because it's easier for me to get distracted. I love working from a coffee shop like Ugly Mugs because they play good music, it makes me look uber hip and I get a lot more good quality stuff accomplished in a shorter window of time.

  • Pictures - I go to WeHeartIt everyday because I'm highly visual. I save tons of pictures whether it be because of great colors, fun scenery, dragons or dinosaurs. Because I love those things, I should probably include them in the things I create.

Make a list of where you go when you need to be inspired.
Blog/ facebook/ tweet some places you think the world should know about.
Share your inspiration.

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