Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration From You

Just wanted to introduce you to some cool stuff sent to me from Mikeel Arana.
Mister Avid Draws is the design tumbler of Avid Liongorden who is a visual artist in the Phillippines.

You might recognize this one:

The caption for this last one reads "Cow & Robot. They are friends. Cow has milk. Robot has computer brain. Robot can’t drink milk. Cow does not know the answer to 258x3467.32." And a good sense of humor makes this a new favorite of mine!

Thanks Mikeel! He left more recommendations on my blog. See them HERE.
love. Love. LOVE it.

1 comment:

maikeru said...

no... thank YOU! :)

and by the way, Avid has a sister, Hannah Liongoren, whose works on interior design ( you'll probably like as well... :)