Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Things

1. Look at this WAY cute vintage ballerina.


2. I really Really REALLY want to go to this. The Dream Year Weekend is a bunch of people getting together to talk about the dreams they have and what it'll take to accomplish them. It's here in Nashville, which is way convenient. Also, Jon Acuff will be there and it's common knowledge that I'm a pretty big fan of his work and his Twitter ability. Sign up here, or feel free to buy me a ticket.

3. Two of my favorite bloggers, Elsie Flannigan and Rachel Denbow are doing amazingly (of course) fun things restyling all year. Find out how you can get involved with Project ReStyle and then let the creativity roll. That is, after you go to Rachel's website and see all the cutey-cute things getting a new life.

Project ReStyle time
Rachel restyled this awesome lampshade with Christmas lights and then
turned her bed into an awesome fort!
Holy guacamole. Is this not the cutest idea?
Rachel showed off this brilliant idea by Paper Sparrow on her blog.

4. If you're ever sad or broken down or feel like there is nothing good left in the world, watch Wipeout.


5. My friend Allison and her fiance Ray are buying this dollhouse/real house in our home town of Lake City, Florida. I couldn't be happier for them and am pretty jealous of what a quality first home they're getting. Admire this:


Sarah said...

Aaaaa-MEN to the wipeout! LOVE IT!!!

Allison Drew said...

that's my house! that's my house!