Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toon Town


Yesterday's inspiration blog was written with someone else in mind and by the end of the night I had to go read it because I was so angry and frustrated.

When I'm mad, I turn into a cartoon character.
My voice gets higher.
I start stringing words together incoherently.
And suddenly I'm a Jessica Rabbit knock-off chasing Bob Hoskins through Toon Town.
Nobody wants that.

I want things to be fair, and that translates to I want someone else to be as unhappy as I am. We need to be equally unhappy. We need to lose the same amount because if I'm losing more, it's Who Framed Roger Rabbit time.

I don't like looking like an idiot, especially if the story is being spun the wrong way.
I don't like being penalized for unsuccessfully reading minds and failing at anticipating needs.
You should get that. You should quit being such a jerk.
Don't you know I'm tired? Don't you know I only have 24 hours in a day?
Don't you know I have an evening of appointments I need to keep up with?
Don't you know my finger really hurts because the lady cut a chunk out of it during my manicure?

And suddenly I have failed at the extending of grace as well.
ACME frying pan to the face, Elmer Fudd style. It's true what they say- an eye for an eye only results in a bunch of one-eyed people wandering around bumping into each other. It doesn't teach people how to love better, how to listen better, how to respond with care. So what the heck are you supposed to do?

Now, I'd started to chart out a fail-proof* Choose Your Own Verdict plan for the doling out of death sentences to those who make us mad, but in the interest of time, I'll say this.
9 times out of 10, everything will be better tomorrow.
10 times out of 10, a measure of grace and patience will make any tough situation better.

So my advice? Give yourself a timeout. Listen to Transatlantacism by Death Cab for Cutie. Make a voodoo doll. Throw it away before you get to the step where you have to collect a hair sample to make the voodoo doll legit. Blog. And then remember that sometimes you just have to be patient or silent or long-suffering or forgiving or, worse, forgiven. Pray without ceasing. Run without growing weary.

And a concluding message to myself- stop whining. Stop being mad. Stop letting one curt email ruin your time watching The Sing Off. Committed's rendition of "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys deserves your full admiration. Oh, and stop eating so many cookies just because people keep bringing them to holiday parties. You're not going to fit into your jeans in January.

*Does not apply in Puerto Rico or in instances of disputes with hotel chains over cancellation policies. As far as I'm concerned, hotel cancellation policies are a joke and I'd get in a fist fight over it anytime.

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